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Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Your Santa Cruz Cosmetic Dentist

Are you worried about getting dental x-rays?  Is the fear of radiation keeping you from getting the x-rays that your dentist has recommended? Worry no more- all of your burning questions about the safety and uses of dental x-rays are answered!  Before scheduling your next visit to your Santa Cruz Cosmetic dentist, take a few minutes… Continue reading Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Your Santa Cruz Cosmetic Dentist

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What is Gingivitis?

You just left your dentist and the news wasn’t great. What you thought was a simple case of brushing too hard, has now been diagnosed as gingivitis. Like most people, you wonder if you could have done more to prevent this. You may also be wondering just what exactly gingivitis is. Look no further, we… Continue reading What is Gingivitis?

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Spark Joy In Your Smile

As you get ready for your day, look in your mirror, smile and ask yourself “does this spark joy?” This can be part of your spring cleaning routine. It’s time to get rid of any clutter, throw out broken or non-working items, and remember to get a breath of fresh air - literally or figuratively.… Continue reading Spark Joy In Your Smile

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Stop Night Teeth Grinding – Santa Cruz Family Dentist

  Do you wake up with a throbbing headache and aching in your jaw? Does your bed partner complain about the crunching or grating sound you make at night? If so, you might be grinding your teeth at night. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can be caused by a variety of factors. Most grinding… Continue reading Stop Night Teeth Grinding – Santa Cruz Family Dentist

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Is Mouthwash good?

A question that many of our patients ask us is “Why should we be using a mouthwash?” The fact is, mouthwashes may conceal the existence of dental or other health problems. The most common of these is bad breath (halitosis), which can be caused by a range of causes, including poor oral hygiene, decay, infection or xerostomia (dry mouth). If NOT having bad breath is a priority, make sure to contact… Continue reading Is Mouthwash good?

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Mercury Safe Removal | Santa Cruz Holistic Dentist

Mercury amalgam fillings were considered state of the art for many years. Recently, however, the push to outlaw mercury in fillings has been gathering steam. While other countries have moved on the issue more quickly than the USA, many dentists are opting out of mercury on their own. If you’re looking for mercury removal in… Continue reading Mercury Safe Removal | Santa Cruz Holistic Dentist