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What is Restorative Dentistry?

It's Never too late for that PERFECT smile!What is Restorative Dentistry?

Santa Cruz Restorative dentistry is a combination of managing dental health and fixing any existing dental problems that are interfering with your mouth’s look, feel, and functionality. Essentially, restorative dentistry aims to return teeth to their healthiest state- and keep them looking and feeling great. Restorative dentistry encompasses a vast range of procedures and techniques which are used to correct and prevent problems in your oral health.  Some common procedures used to restore the health of your teeth include:

  • Fillings- Fillings are commonly used after decay is removed from a tooth or to repair cracked or broken teeth.  Fillings are designed to restore the contour of your teeth after decay is removed.
  • Endodontic treatment (root canals)- Endodontic treatments are used to save teeth that have been badly decayed or infected.  The procedure is commonly needed to reduce severe tooth pain.
  • Crowns- Crowns are used to cover chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth.  Dentists can match crown shapes and sizes to the rest of your teeth in order to make them improve the look of your smile and the strength of your teeth.
  • Bridges- When one or more tooth is missing, a bridge might be used to replace it.  Bridges provide a permanent solution for missing teeth and can help keep other teeth from shifting in your mouth as well as enhance your ability to chew food.
  • Dentures- Dentures can replace all or some missing teeth.  This removable option can help keep your face from sagging due to missing teeth and help you be able to eat.
  • ImplantImplants- Implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for replacing teeth and reap great benefits to people who have missing teeth.  Implants replace the roots of missing teeth and provide a foundation for replacement teeth.  Implants can benefit your appearance, comfort, speech, and the ease with which you are able to eat.

Why choose restorative dentistry?

Santa Cruz Restorative dentistry is the time machine of oral health care- it takes damaged and unhealthy teeth and restores them to their healthiest possible state.  Investing in restorative dentistry can help ensure that your dental health is and remains at the top of its game.  Restorative dentistry does not just fix existing problems- it simultaneously works to prevent future dental issues.  It offers the total package: better-looking teeth, heightened mouth comfort and functionality, and overall oral health gains.  Although you may not be able to go back in time and fix past oral hygiene mistakes, restorative dentistry is a great way to regain your confidence in your smile and to promote great oral health in the future.

If you would like more information about any of the restorative dentistry procedures, please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Guy Peabody your leading Santa Cruz dentist.


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