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Gingivitis… What is that?

We have all heard the word Gingivitis. But what really is it? Dr. Peabody and his staff want to explain what it really is, and how to prevent it, starting from an early age. What causes gingivitis? Gingivitis is a type of gum inflammation that is caused by bacteria that live around your gum line,… Continue reading Gingivitis… What is that?

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Movie Snacks vs. Your Smile

Do you prefer to watch movies at home, drive-in theaters, or theaters? Regardless of your preference, drinks and snacks pair well with your movie. Lots of good movies are out or soon to be released, be sure to learn the effects it will have on your teeth. Popcorn Walking into a theater, you immediately smell… Continue reading Movie Snacks vs. Your Smile

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8 Myths of Root Canals

1 - A root canal treatment is a painful procedure False. A root canal does not cause pain. In fact, root canals are performed to relieve pain caused by inflammation of the pulp chamber (where the nerve is located) or a dental infection. Most of the “pain” comes from ignoring a trip to the dentist, causing the… Continue reading 8 Myths of Root Canals

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Dental Exams with your Santa Cruz Dentist

Although we are lucky to have modern dental techniques that can solve a variety of our oral emergencies, these dental issues often start small and grow into painful situations. Taking the time to invest in preventative maintenance can be a small investment in keeping your teeth healthy, you smiling, and your hard earned money in your… Continue reading Dental Exams with your Santa Cruz Dentist

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Your Santa Cruz Cosmetic Dentist

Are you worried about getting dental x-rays?  Is the fear of radiation keeping you from getting the x-rays that your dentist has recommended? Worry no more- all of your burning questions about the safety and uses of dental x-rays are answered!  Before scheduling your next visit to your Santa Cruz Cosmetic dentist, take a few minutes… Continue reading Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Your Santa Cruz Cosmetic Dentist

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What is Gingivitis?

You just left your dentist and the news wasn’t great. What you thought was a simple case of brushing too hard, has now been diagnosed as gingivitis. Like most people, you wonder if you could have done more to prevent this. You may also be wondering just what exactly gingivitis is. Look no further, we… Continue reading What is Gingivitis?

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Spark Joy In Your Smile

As you get ready for your day, look in your mirror, smile and ask yourself “does this spark joy?” This can be part of your spring cleaning routine. It’s time to get rid of any clutter, throw out broken or non-working items, and remember to get a breath of fresh air - literally or figuratively.… Continue reading Spark Joy In Your Smile